Lock the Door- Jane Holland


I’ve read some great books already this year and this is a 5* read for me. Meghan has a little boy who has a severe medical condition that makes her a little bit protective over him.

When he disappears whilst they are having a dinner party with friends and neighbours, her husband seems to lose patience with her and blame her mental state for leaving the door open to the ‘Cornish Snatcher’ who has been taking babies around Truro.

Meghan is sure that she had locked the door- but events seem to suggest that the ordeal is taking it’s toll. Her husband isn’t providing the loving support you’d expect- and maybe he does blame her.

It’s full of suspense and one of those books that you really can’t put down and would love to read in one sitting. You totally lose track of time turning the pages, trying to see if she will ever see her baby again. We learn more about the people who were at the party and that things aren’t as rosy for any of the couples as you’d think on the surface.

We follow the police procedure and can experience the heartbreak and trauma families go through when they have a child abducted. A truly nerve wracking read.

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