The Workhouse Children-Lindsey Hutchinson


When Cara Flowers loses her beloved Grandma she is tasked with finding a family she hasn’t know about. She finds a younger brother in the Workhouse and although she is a very young girl herself she makes it her mission to save families from the awful conditions she witnessed.

I loved learning more about the workhouses and then the ways she came up with to improve things for the town she lives in.

It deals with relationships, family and friendships along with the tough life in poverty stricken times contrasting with the comfortable life Cara had led.

It leaves itself open for us to return to see where Cara takes her life next- although I’m not sure whether that is planned or not. Lindsey is described as an exciting new talent and she writes the sorts of sagas I really enjoy. I will look out for more work by Lindsey. I also enjoyed reading about local areas.

I have just read that she is Meg Hutchinson’s daughter and I’ve really enjoyed her books- so can’t wait to see more.


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