Remember, Remember- Sue Whitaker


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Remember Remember 2nd Edition
Author: Sue Whitaker

Product description
Imagine your life being rudely and dramatically changed… It’s the 5th of November and a firework in the wrong hands spells trouble for Carla and changes her life for ever. Read this inspirational story of one girl’s fight to overcome the stigma of disfigurement and how a few kind words from an unexpected source, turned thoughts of revenge into a passion to help others. This book is a book with a message, it will entertain, it will provoke thought and it will also educate young people to be responsible with Fireworks. Schools will find this book a valuable tool to use when teaching on the dangers of Fireworks.

My review

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this book- but it really leaves an impression. It’s a very short book but would be a really powerful tool for senior schools to cover firework safety and bullying in general. A young girls life is changed forever by the really stupid criminal actions of a young lad.
Carla enjoys her life as a young 14 year old girl , enjoying make up and hair and shopping.
The very traumatic events following Bonfire Night are vividly described and make you very involved with the after effects and hoping that things will improve for the girl.
She encounters medical people and counsellors who try to help her through the immediate period following the trauma and although she can’t comprehend how life can go on, provide her with the tools to forge ahead and try to find the positives in a new life.
It shares support from unexpected quarters which show the value of kindness making the biggest diference you can imagine in coping with an unimaginable existence- but also in the strength that you can find from deep within. Life, although dramatically altered, does go on- and the outlook you had before will be changed forever. But your experiences can make you instrumental in helping someone else through the darkest, bleakest times.
The book explores how a stupid, thoughtless action can change lives forever- as family members share in your pain and fears for the future.
If this book can make just one person stop and think about fireworks being personal hand grenades in the wrong hands and encourage maybe the sale of fireworks to be limited to public displays only, it will be a wonderful outcome.
I was supplied with a copy of the book by ETA Books in exchange for a review. You can buy a copy here…
This made me keen to search out more work by Sue Whitaker and although this one is aimed at the YA market I feel it has a widereaching appeal. It’s a painful read, but really draws you in turning the pages.


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