Victoria- Daisy Goodwin


I absolutely love Daisy Goodwin books and the Victorian Era is one of my favourite times in history. This book was a pure delight to read. It starts with Victoria, aged 18, becoming Queen and distancing herself from her mother and her entourage who wanted to control the way she governed. Her writing style is just so engaging that you quickly lose yourself in the story. The recent tv series definately shaped my imagination whilst reading this book- I was visualising it through the actress in that. In some ways I wish I had read this first so that I was choosing my own pictures!!!!!! I have the book that accompanies the tv series coming my way at Christmas and now I need to buy a paper copy of this beautiful book for my ‘favourites’ bookshelf.

It was also a fascinating read giving an insight into the household at that time, including the shaky first impressions of Prince Albert and about her private secretary Lord Melbourne. She hadn’t been very well prepared for life as a Queen, as it was presumed that they would make all the decisions on her behalf. You get the impression of her steely resolve and the character behind a time where so many changes took place.

If this era in history interests you- I would highly recommend this lovely book.

I voluntarily received an ARC from Net Galley and have written an honest review.



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