Blood Lines- Angela Marsons




I eagerly look forward to the latest Kim Stone book and was gripped from page 1 of Blood lines. The chilling psychologist from a previous book makes a reappearance and you wonder whether she will get her evil claws into Kim again. We learn more about the dreadful events in her childhood that have shaped her and made her the detective she is today. She has an unorthodox approach to her job and sails close to the wire- but her heart of gold is in evidence again. She wants to find the murderers for the victims- seeing them as the people they were rather than the ‘murder victim’. She has ‘put down lines’ to help others keep this in mind.

Your heart goes out to her during this book, and there are some very heartwrenching memories revealed. She also shows her softer side in the way she deals with a more junior member of the team.

If you haven’t picked up this series yet- I would highly recommend them. You’ll be counting down the days until the next release.

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