Novembers Book Buddy book box- Baking


I love the idea of subscribing to a book box that comes every month- but a bit wary of subscribing to one because of the expense. I decided to make one up for myself and a group of friends on facebook are playing along. We each chose a theme and Jo Burton chose Baking for our first month.

I bought a book called The Tea Shop and Sewing Bee by De-Ann Black which is a collection of Novellas that I am looking forward to reading. I picked up a couple of cake books in our local pound shop that have some delicious recipes in and a cupcake centre that looks interesting and will be useful to use with the cupcake book. I also bought some gingerbread men cutters and chocolate teaspoon moulds- for my Christmas Eve box idea that I have for certain people over the festive season.

I also picked up a lovely looking magazine called Food to love which looks very tempting. I need to start trying my new recipes again.

I’ve been shattered since Emma started her daycare last month- it’s involving lots of bus travel and taking a large portion of the day that used to be free for housework!!!!! We had a lovely day at the farm today- it is the vision of a childrens story book farm- beautiful rambling farmhouse down a country lane, shetland ponies, chickens, calves, pigs, horses and cows, goats and rabbits and guinea pigs. There are also turkeys- but would rather not think too much about them. They have the perfect life just now-but although I know farm animals are bred for food- it’s a little close to home this year seeing them! Most of the animals are kept for their groups to care for. The couple who run it ooze enthusiasm for their farm animals, their plans and their care for the people who use their farm . They have a little girl who has the farm as her little playground- what a blissful childhood she’s having. Emma struggled a bit last week as she gets very anxious- but she was beaming this week feeding pineapples and kiwi fruit to the pigs and grooming the shetland ponies.

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