Christmas under a Starlit Sky- Holly Martin


This was another beautifully, Christmas book set on Juniper Island where it can be Christmas every day. I had this book at the same time as Christmas under a Cranberry Sky and it’s a book I’ve been savouring, almost sad to pick it up as the anticipation was so high. I really didn’t want to come to the end and have to leave the island! But the wait made the book even more enjoyable- I do love Holly’s creations. I could live in her Christmassy books.

Neve’s actor boyfriend Oakley arrives on Juniper Island with the whirling blades of his private helicopter announcing his arrival. He’s come to win her back, but Neve is conscious of his drive and ambition to become a Hollywood heart throb and had let him go. She’s hiding a secret and you wonder how this is all going to work out.

Whilst he is there she gets to enjoy the magic of the island she lives on, and see it through his eyes and therefore through the eyes of the guests that she caters for. He introduces her to the little shops where you can buy all sorts of magical christmas goodies.

I loved meeting more of the islanders and seeing where possible future books will take us……..please!
I loved the glass painting- would love one of those for my wall.

Her characters are so warmly drawn that you experience everything through their eyes and the setting is so wonderfully crafted that I would move there tomorrow. It is my image of the perfect Christmas setting and can just imagine having the most perfect holiday there.

I voluntarily read an arc of this book and enjoyed every single second of it!


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