Single by Christmas- Rosa Temple


Alex enjoys her party lifestyle and having a wonderful new boyfriend. The book is full of romance, relationship issues, family dynamics and taking your life onto the next step both career wise and setting down with your personal dreamboat. Can all these things sit happily together and allow you to have the perfect life together.
The book title suggests we are looking at the breakdown of a relationship and we follow the events that lead to this possibility. Christmas is supposed the be that magical time where we snuggle down with all those that are special to us and let the magic sparkle around us. It’s difficult to read some of the scenes where you’d like to shake Alex and make her wake up to what she’s risking and also get her friends to realise what they are doing.
But friendships tend to rally round when you need them- and there are some lovely friendships in the book. The two lads in the flat above her provide a lovely friendship and her two girly friends provide the ‘boozy’ evenings!
I was given a copy by Rosa- with thanks in exchange for writing a review on my thoughts on the book. I am now keen to read more by Rosa Temple

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