Christmas at the Cornish Cafe- Phillipa Ashley


I loved the return to Kilhallon and Demela’s cafe. Kilhallon displays it’s stormy, brooding side in this book- along with the snow. It’s described so beautifully that you can conjure up the images as if you’d spent your holiday there. The cover is so enticing that you couldn’t fail to pick it up to read. I am so grateful to have received a proof copy from Harper Collins and have really enjoyed reading it.

Cal and Demi have a stormy relationship with both hedging around their issues whilst the steamy side tries to win through! He’s a true brooding lead male with a heart of gold.

I loved the way that the community pulled together with Demelza’s at the hub. There was a real wartime type spirit going on whilst the locals tried to help everyone.

This book doesn’t do anything for your diet- her seasonal offerings sound so delicious that you want to go and bake a batch of mince pies and order in some clotted cream! I could just imagine the scents in the air and the taste of the festive fare.

Even the little cottages have me falling in love with Kilhallon. I love everything about the place that I’ve never even visited. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. Christmas at the Cornish Cafe leaves you with the warm, festive feel that only a truly magical Christmas can.



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