Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe- Debbie Johnson


I absolutely fell in love with this book. Laura decides to take a summer job working at the Comfort Food Cafe and takes her 2 children and her elderly dog with her, despite the teenagers being very vocal about being taken away from their friends.

The scenes where they arrive at their cottage are really amusing and couldn’t get the image of Sam out of my mind for a while! The Comfort Food Cafe is also described beautifully and makes it sound like the type of place we’d all love to have within a few minutes walk. Cherie owns it and is a lovely quirky character. She doesn’t run it for commercial gain- she cares about all the people that visit. She keeps stocks of pot noodles in and cooks certain breakfasts to very precise specifications – it’s the sort of place where you are amongst friends who care about you and take the time to make your day that little bit easier.

It really is the perfect book to lose yourself amongst the very comforting pages- full of friendship, fun, blossoming romance, quirky characters and very touching scenes. Laura finds herself healing amongst all the locals and very much taken with Cherie. You can imagine climbing the hill up to the cafe after a swim in the sea and relaxing with a coffee overlooking the bay- perfect bliss.

Debbie has such an engaging writing style- you quickly fall in love with her writing and her characters become your friends. I am delighted that I have the Christmas follow up to the book to review next. With many thanks to Net Galley and Harper Impulse for the chance to read this one.



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