Lizzie’s War- Rosie Clarke



I absolutely loved this book- I have a fondness for books set around the war years, particularly set around the work women did to help the homefires’ burning.
This was a sequel and although I hadn’t read the first book this one read well as a stand alone. I still wish that I’d read the first one to learn a little more about the great characters.
Lizzie is such a strong character but she has suffered a lot of personal tragedy. She is making a huge success of her business making hats, both government business and one of the few treats ordinary women are still able to purchase without coupons. You get a feel of the shop being a place where the women gather to get that bit of luxury during a tough time and the buyers for the high end department stores delighting in her designs. You can just imagine the cosy atmosphere and the great camaraderie she has built around her with her loyalty to her friends.
Relationships and turmoil run throughout the book keeping the interest high and hope for that happy ending we all love. The true horror of the effects of war are felt – but also the spirit of local businesses and families and neighbours pulling together.
I loved her writing style and will definately buy more of her work.
With many thanks to Net Galley for the chance to read this one.


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