Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky- Holly Martin


This really was a beautiful book leaving you with such a warm, christmassy feeling. It encompasses everything you dream of for the perfect Christmas and wraps it all inside the pages of a book you won’t want to put down. I was so sad to come to the end of this one- I wanted to stay on Juniper Island discovering all the wonderful delights the resort has to offer. Luckily I have the second book in this series waiting for me- what a lucky girl!

Pip works as a trip reviewer for a company and it allows her to escape her unhappy past and avoid building relationships with anyone. She avoids Christmas by staying somewhere new to review for her company. The way she arrives on the island builds such a delightful introduction to the pleasures in store. Every little detail has been catered for and it sounds like the perfect place to spend Christmas- or even to enjoy the special magic that only Christmas brings at any time of year. Every day can be Christmas – and you can just imagine staying in one of the igloos under the spectacular of the Northern Lights

Holly has such a delightful way of capturing magical settings and describing them in such a breathtaking way that you really do believe you are transported into the middle of one of her books and enjoying the trip alongside the characters.

The Northern lights are described as spirits in the sky, guiding lost travellers home- leaving a bit of the true mystical experience people feel when seeing them for the first time. There is a Chinese belief that couples who experience the Lights together will stay together.

I could just imagine watching the Northern lights through the ceilings of the glass igloos and wish that I could book a stay there!!

White Cliff Bay is mentioned- which is another of my favourite series by Holly.

Pip finds her first love is the owner of the resort she has been sent to review and that there is still a spark- despite their parting being a very traumatic time in 2 young lives. You are willing them along and Gabe is such a lovely character.

There are amusing scenes and heartwarming scenes and Holly has created a truly heartwarming series- as I am sure I am going to enjoy the next book just as much. I want to go shopping for snowglobes and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows.

With many thanks to Net Galley and Bookouture for the chance to read this truly delightful Christmas book. This is ideal to read at any time- but would be truly magical on that special build up to the festive season. Visit a Christmas market and then return home with a special Christmas mug to make your very own hot chocolate, curl up in your favourite armchair and let yourself imagine yourself having the most amazing Christmas imaginable. She has captured my perfect image of a wonderful Christmas.


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