Breakfast Under A Cornish Sun- Samantha Tonge


So sorry this is late- we were on holiday in Cornwall last week and my husband fell and broke his hip. We’ve had to come home to his parents as they have downstairs facilities and only just got my laptop from home and conncected to wifi!



This really was a delightful book set in my favourite part of the country. Our holiday tradition is to sit outside a cafe overlooking ‘our’ beach when we arrive early on the first Saturday with a full English breakfast – so the title of this book drew me straight away!

Kate gets an unexpected holiday in Cornwall with her best friend Izzy, when their place of work  ‘Donuts and Daiquiris’ is undergoing a makeover. Izzy owns the business and it sounds absolutely wonderful- delicious flavours of doughnuts and cocktails. Capturing both lunchtime and night time customers it sounds divine.

The holiday park they are staying at is being rebranded into a family holiday resort and the girls get drawn into helping out. Kate is also looking out for her own personal Poldark which adds some romance to the book and some really touching scenes.

White Rocks is in an idylic part of the world- can they save it? I would love to visit and spend a couple of weeks enjoying the scenery! It also boasts the best breakfast in Cornwall.

The book is both amusing, heartwarming and so many food heaven descriptions. The perfect read for your summer holiday. I just couldn’t wait that long to read it.


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