Letters from Lighthouse Cottage- Ali Mcnamara


This has to be my favourite cover for a book this year. I’ve already ordered a paperback copy to join my ‘favourites’ bookshelf! Letters from Lighthouse Cottage was a magical, warm story of  childhood friendships, first love and  future dreams.

Grace lives in a quiet coastal village called Sandybridge and grows up with Charlie and Danny. Her parents run an antique shop and she helps out with house clearances- but she has dreams to travel and see more of the world.

Her friendship with Charlie is a real delight- he’s such a wonderful character. He loves her dog and they spend hours walking on the beach. We follow their friendships with sections set through the years and in the present day- and we learn more about how each of their lives were shaped.

The Manor house draws them all – providing the history that Danny and Grace share a love for and part of the magic of the story. It sounds a wonderful place and it’s lovely to visit it at different times.

I loved Sandybridge- but I’m one who dreams of escaping to live in such a village by the sea. I love travelling- but would love to be ‘anchored’ on the coast.

This really would make the perfect holiday read- giving a really warm glow and a feeling that you want to join them all in Sandybridge. Throw this one in your suitcase along with the suntan lotion and enjoy a few glorious hours in the sunshine losing yourself amongst it’s pages.

With many thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this one in exchange for an honest review.



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