The Sister- Louise Jensen


This was a fantastic debut novel- a real page turner. A psychological thriller that keeps you reading well past bedtime. The cover is very enticing- you are wondering what is inside the envelope and what happened.

Grace has had some tragedy in her life and you are left to ponder on what has happened and how much it has affected her. She has lost her childhood friend a few months before the book starts and we go back and forth revealing more of their childhood and present day.

She lives in a lovely cottage with her boyfriend, who also knew her best friend. When the ‘sister’ side of the story is introduced things take a more sinister turn and you really are looking behind you and jumping at any noise outside.

There are secrets between several of the characters and at times you suspect various characters and are left to imagine just what else can befall Grace. The characters are very cleverly drawn leaving enticing threads to the story, tying up and then being thrown apart and leaving you to find a new matching piece of the jigsaw.

I cannot wait to read more by this author-this is definately an amazing first book.

With many thanks to Bookoutre and Net Galley for the chance to read this one.

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