Willow Cottage- Sunshine and Secrets (1)- Bella Osborne



This was a great introduction to a new series set in a picturesque Cotswolds Village called Dumbleford. Beth moves to the village after bidding on a cottage – sight unseen. After all what could be wrong with a ‘dream cottage’. After walking round the green failing to spot their new home- the first reveal is not promising. We are promised a season with Willow Cottage and I can’t wait to see it’s transformation.

Beth and her best friend Carly are from London- and Beth is escaping an abusive relationship which I feel we will see more on in future books. Her ex is shaping up to be the evil force throughout. Carly’s boyfriend is under pressure to commit- but he seems blissfully unaware and I loved the scene in the treehouse! They are providing a lot of humour.

It gives a real sense of village life with a whole cast of quirky characters and I loved the explanation of Morris Dancing as ‘a bit bonkers and quintessentially English’. The romantic interest is introduced- with a definate will they/won’t they?

Bella provides some really beautiful phrases at times- one of my favourites ‘The colours were majestic, the soft orange hues melding with a deep yellow glow as the sun slowly melted into the silhouetted countryside’. Doesn’t that make you want to move to the countryside?

I am really keen to read the rest of the series and lose myself in the English Countryside. With many thanks to Harper Collins UK and Net Galley for the chance to read this one in exchange for an honest review.


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