Katy Carter Keeps a Secret- Ruth Saberton



I absolutely loved this book- Ruth has such a lovely writing style that you easily fall in love with all her characters and smile along with the little mishaps and then into the whirl later in the book.

She was a ghost writer for a footballers wife- Tansy. But now Tansy is moving onto pastures new, she wants to write a bestseller of her own and gets commissioned to write the next erotic bestseller. It’s not a genre that sits naturally with her, but she enlists the help of friends! She has to keep it secret from her boyfriend who has a high position in a posh school and her own employers who don’t want their parents to know she’s a saucy writer!

I loved the bits in the school and her group of friends are so lovely. You feel that you could just join in with them with their chats. She gets herself into some scrapes and embarrassing situations. You keep turning the pages lost in the fun surrounding you.

Where else would you get to meet a ‘star’ lobster called Pinchy? I can’t wait to read the first book in this series now to learn more- although this is easily read as a stand alone. I just don’t want to miss out on any of Ruth’s books.

I always adore the settings in Ruth’s books- who wouldn’t?! I can imagine walking along the beaches and living in the sweet cottages.

I’d love to thank Ruth for an arc of this book- which I really enjoyed.


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