The Little Village Bakery- Tilly Tennant




When Millie moves to Honeybourne to take over the crumbling bakery the locals are interested to meet her. She is very cagey about herself and that sets warning bells with some of them. She slowly gets to know everyone and Jasmine is very keen to know her better.

There are hints that Millie has escaped from a very troubled place in her life- but as the villagers crowd round keen to help her turn the disaster zone into the perfect Village Bakery she starts to let them closer to her.

It’s a lovely heartwarming story full of friendships. romance, learning to trust amidst mystery and some villagers with troubles of their own.

I adore books set in villages lending itself to a great set of quirky character to explore more and scope for the next book which I think is being released around Christmas time. The cover would have immediately drawn me in knowing that I was guaranteed a lovely read. This one is ideal to curl up with a cuppa and a slice of delicious cake and while away an afternoon. Add this one to your summer reading list- it’s the perfect read.
With many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

You can buy it from Amazon HEREPhoto Mask - Color Scratches:
Tilly’s GoodReads page is HERE



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