Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage- Milly Johnson


Milly really is my favourite author and I always eagerly await her new books. You know that you are guaranteed a wonderful read with a great cast of characters- both human and animal with a huge splash of that Milly humour throughout.

Viv arrives to take up an admin post at Wildflower Cottage which runs an animal sanctuary ,specialising in Birds of Prey. When she reveals that she doesn’t have any experience with animals and is scared to death by the geese- you begin to wonder why she’s taken this job.

The book hints at secrets with many of the characters and troubled times at the sanctuary itself. The Old Spice Girls are a wonderful addition to the story- a group of older women who meet up every Sunday to put the world to rights and share a gossip over cake. Every one of the Old Spice crew is a very entertaining and well drawn character.

The book provides everything- a hint of mystery, romance, relationships and friendships and a beautiful setting. Couldn’t we all imagine living somewhere like Wildflower Cottage with our very own Heath?!


I was so sad to come to the end of this one- as I always am with the latest Milly books. I just wanted to escape further into the pages – and shut out everyday life with the housework calling. I enjoyed a couple of afternoons enjoying reading in the sunshine that may have just extended into the early evening when I should have been cooking the evening meal!


I am so excited about being able to attend the book launch on the 20th and getting the chance to meet Milly and get my book signed. I am so grateful for being part of Team Milly and getting a prepublication book to read. With thanks to both Milly and the team at Simon and Schuster Uk.

I would highly recommend buying this one to take in your holiday suitcase- or even to save for a nice sunny afternoon in the garden like I did. You really lose yourself in the beautiful setting and amongst the wonderfully written pages.

A pure 6 out of 5 star read for me.


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