Don’t You Forget about Me- Liz Tipping



Cara works in a dvd rental shop that is due to close. As she considers what her future should hold she receives an invitation to a school reunion. School wasn’t the happiest time of her life and although she had a small group of like minded friends, she was very intimidated by the other students. She wants to be a succcess by the time she attends- but is 2 weeks going to long enough to turn her life around?

It’s a lovely book of friendships, romance and 80’s film references. Cara needs to learn to leave the past behind and be happy with her life. Her friend Stubbs enlists her help to gain some confidence with dating- so that he can ask out his dream lady. Their friendship is lovely and their ‘dates’ are very warm and cosy to read. He really cares for her and his dates are extremely thoughtfully planned.

I enjoyed the local references- I haven’t read that many books that ‘visit’ Birmingham.

I really enoyed Liz Tippings first book- Five Go Glamping and I will definately look out eagerly for her next book.

With many thanks to Net Galley and CarinaUK for the chance to read Liz’s new book

A solid 4* read for me.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

Liz Tippings blog.



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