The Late Blossoming of Frankie Green- Laura Kemp



A laugh-out-loud, feel good, romantic comedy, which will take you on an enlightening emotional rollercoaster. Perfect for the fans of Sophie Kinsella and Jane Costello.

Frankie Green’s happy ever after is put on hold when her childhood sweetheart husband complains things are boring in bed.

When he asks for some space, she sets out to win him back by getting herself a sex education.

Little does she know that her hilarious, tender and embarrassing journey of enlightenment is going to change everything…

A story full of humour, heartache and happiness, of friendship, coming of age and overcoming insecurity

My thoughts

This was a great book which starts with Frankie discovering that her husband, a childhood sweetheart, wants to take a break on their first wedding anniversary. He thinks their relationship has settled into a rut. She is devastated and keen to come up with a plan to win him back.

It’s a lovely tale combining three friends who unexpectedly find themselves at the fork of the road in their personal journey through life. They are forced to look at how they want things to work out and whether they need to make changes.

It has everything- friendships, romances, interesting families, career dilemmas. You feel that you could slot into their friendship group and listen to their gossip. You could pour the wine and settle down to share secrets.

At the beginning of the book I was longing for Frankie to learn to love herself and loved the way she developed along the course of the book.

It was my first book by Laura Kemp and I was delighted to find that there a couple more books that I can seek out and will be keen to read her next book. I loved her writing style- lots of interesting scenarios, lots of humour and you are willing certain storylines to go along the path you’d want for them- and hoping that other characters can see their situations clearly! I was totally absorbed in their lives.

With many thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the chance to read this one in exchange for an honest review.
A 5* read for me

Laura Kemp- Good Reads Page

Amazon link to purchase.



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