The Summer Escape- Lily Graham


I totally fell in love with the Greek village and loved Lily’s description
“The honey coloured town is like something out of the Cotswolds, with it’s picture postcard quaintness, little shops and cobble lane paths.”
It sounds so idyllic and I wanted to be there sitting outside one of the cafes trying some Greek coffee.

Ria has suffered personal tragedy and after losing her Greek Grandma, one day she decides that she is going to catch a flight rather than go into work as the obituary writer for the local paper. She just turns up and finds a room in a lovely house. Then answers an advert to help a travel writer with her memoir.

I loved her relationship with Caroline and her delight in discovering the stories behind the photos in the old trunk. Caroline was such a wonderful character with an amazing life to share.They were both really enjoying spending the time sharing stories- the work element was just an added bonus.

I just loved the whole idea of taking time out and spending a year in Greece and getting to know all the locals and taking life at a much slower pace, enjoying the sunshine, the coffee , wine and friendships.

The romance with Tom, who owns the local vineyard is just lovely aswell. They are attracted to each other- but both have issues to overcome. She’s also keen to solve the mystery around the vineyard and that adds a great extra element to the book.

I totally lost myself in this book and was sad to come to the end. I was delighted to read that Lily plans to set her next book in Cornwall.

With many thanks to Bookoutre and Net Galley for the chance to read this one.



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