The Sunshine and Biscotti Club- Jenny Oliver


Book Details

Moving to Italy to set up a baking club is a dream come true…

…until Libby catches her husband cheating just weeks beforeThe Sunshine and Biscotti Club opens its doors.

With the first wave of guests set to arrive any day, Libby has no choice but to tie on her apron and get set to bake. But with a dash of sunshine and a sprinkling of old friends, Libby’s kitchen nightmare might just become the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

After all, you can’t bake biscotti without breaking a few eggs…

For guaranteed sunshine all holiday long, pack your bags and escape to The Sunshine and Biscotti Club – the irresistible new book from Jenny Oliver!

My review


This was a delightful summer read combining old friendships, hazy summer days, romance, renovating the Hotel Limoncello before it reopens to offer cooking holidays.
Libby finds out her husband has been cheating just before she is due to open her old family business. She calls on her group of friends from Uni days and they all arrive ready to paint and renew the hotel rooms and practice the classes Libby is going to offer.
Evie’s marriage is feeling a little tired and she thinks the break may clear the air and give them chance to work at their relationship when she gets back.
Jessica is a workaholic, trying to forget her first love from Uni. When she arrives at the hotel she finds her first love is also there to help.
‘Biscotti is served with a side of love, laughter and ice cold limoncello’. I adored all the images this book conjured up for me- and I had to buy a bottle of limoncello to hopefully enjoy on a summer evening sitting outside in the garden. I love books that leave you with feelings of warm, cosy memories- as if you’d gone along on the journey with the characters.
The break gives all the old friends to work through their memories and give healing vibes where needed. You are willing it all to be a success when a trip reviewer arrives before he’s expected and he’s left feeling the same warmth the friends envelop each other with..
One of my favourite lines was
“She could smell the lemons in the air and see the moon reflected in lines of white on the lapping water”. Doesn’t that just make you want to book into the Hotel Limoncello and sit there enjoying the evenings and the scents of the area?!


You can buy a copy here.


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