Summer at the Cornish Cafe- Phillipa Ashley


I was completely lost in this story which combined all of my favourite things for a book. It is set in Cornwall which is a sure winner for me – and the descriptions made me want to be sat on a beach taking in the Cornish views and listening to the waves crashing on the shores. I loved the scene setting at the start- which in my head actually conjured up a mixture between Clovelly in Devon which has a really steep cobbled street down to the sea and St Agnes.
‘The houses and shops of St Trenyan tumble down the steep cobbled streets to the sea, their roofs and windows shimmering in the afternoon sun.’- what a gorgeous image that leaves you with!
Cal is a brooding male back in Kernow who wants to make his family business into the success he dreams it can be. He decides to take a chance on employing Demi, who is down on her luck and looking for some security. Between them they make plans to make Kilhallon Park the place that people want to book holidays and make a cafe the place to catch holidaymakers coming off the beach.
I can’t wait to read the next one in this series and wish I could book my next holiday in Killhallon!
They come against opposition and there is a spark of romance running through.
With many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this one.


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