Treasure of the heart- Ruth Saberton


A book set in Cornwall is always going to be a winner for me- and Ruth creates such a vivid setting in Polwenna Bay that you can imagine living there among all the locals. Added to that the magic of Cornish folklore and smuggling history around the fishing villages and you really have a wonderful bubble of Cornishness to lose yourself in.

Issie is one of the 22 year old Tremaine twins- and she’s returned to Polwenna Bay after giving up her degree course. She’s always been fascinated by family history and the treasure they are sure must be around the village somewhere. A bad storm reveals the shipwreck and a professional treasure hunter sees Issie on the BBC news and knows that he has to make the trip over to search and get to know Issie.

Alice is the mother hen around her grandchildren and she quietly watches wondering how she can ease their path through life’s troubles. She sounds such a wonderful character – the real gem.

You get a real sense of the village community- the resistance to incomers, but throwing their homes and businesses open to cash in on the renewed interest in the treasure.

It is my dream to live in Cornwall one day and I really enjoyed this trip – I could hear the seagulls and smell the seasprey. Ruth is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and I look forward to returning to Polwenna Bay in the very near future, hopefully!

With many thanks for Ruth for generously offering pre publication copies in exchange for reviews.

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