The Cosy Teashop in the Castle- Caroline Roberts


This was such a lovely read. I enjoyed the setting and the characters and the mention of the delightful baking. I can’t wait to try and make the recipe at the end of the book- it sounds divine!

Ellie answers an advert to lease a teashop at Claverham Castle. Although she hasn’t got any experience of running her own catering business, she manages to persuade the owners that she will be very successful. I loved her initial plans for the teashop and how plans developed over the year. We share in her worries and her successes , and her working relationship with her staff. She feels that her nan who instilled her love of baking is looking over her and keeping her going.

Joe adds a love interest that they both try to resist initially- but they are drawn together. I loved their dates and would love to live somewhere with the beach and the countryside so close and to live in an old castle!

This left you with such a warm, cosy afterbook glow and I’m pleased to be part of the book tour. My blog post will be up on the 28th February onhttps://bookwormsandshutterbugs.wordp…

With many thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the chance to find a new author and a lovely rea


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