1.About Me


I’ve just found a blog with weekly journal prompts. I’m starting slightly behind- but what’s new! I will try and catch up and then try to do the prompts each week.

This is a photo of me and Amy looked very similar at the same age. My name is Kim and I’ve been married to Guy for 25 years now. We have twin daughters called Emma and Amy and a dog called Holly who is around 14.

My main hobby is reading and I love being part of Net Galley – it’s like being let loose in a bookshop and being told to pick whatever you want. I’ve found some wonderful new authors and read many new releases since I found the site and now have a bit of a backlog to catch up on.

I also love scrapbooking- although that’s been very quiet recently. This weekend Maria and I agreed to a weekly /monthly challenge using pins on pinterest. It’s time to try and get all the photos scrapped with their stories before I forget them. I have enjoyed looking back on the pages I have done- and remembering why I loved scrapbooking.

This year we are trying to cook a new recipe every week (or at least 52 over the whole year). I normally fall by the wayside at number 22. We’re doing well so far- 10 recipes in four weeks. We’ve had 2 Gousto boxes which provide the ingredients and recipes for 4 meals and that has helped a lot. Amy cooked a lovely Moroccan lam meatballs.

I also love photography and we did try to get out taking photos most weeks. Since we started the kitchen we haven’t been out- but hopefully we will visit some new places soon.

Another challenge I’d love to do again is to visit a different style restaurant every month. We did this once before using Groupon Offers and really enjoyed finding some new places to eat. Some of them we probably won’t ever revisit.



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