From Junk Food to Joy Food-Joy Bauer


From Junk Food to Joy food allows you to plan meals where your favourite choices become healthier choices. It points out how many hidden calories you are consuming when you pick up a takeaway. Her recipes promise to leave you lighter, energised and healthy!
She states that you can ‘imagine a lunch that you love actually loving you back’ and she will become your new ‘lunch lady’. Simple tips like using low fat mayo are easy to incorporate.
Amongst the tempting recipes are Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Cacciatore and Cheesy Meat Lasagne. There is also a section for Decadent Desserts which features a No Bake Key Lime Pie that I am going to have to try.
It’s a useful book to make you think about the calories that are in some of your favourite comfort foods and how you can make them healthier rather than give them up. It gives you the calorie count of the original ‘junk’ food and the low calorie equivalent count.
I’m really glad I got the chance to look through this book and would love to get a hard back copy for the kitchen bookshelf.
With many thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the opportunity to enjoy this book- I am looking forward to trying the recipes.


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