The Big Bucket List Book- Gin Sander


I’ve had a bucket list for quite a while- but now have a facebook album designed to record those that I have achieved so far. I need to update it- but have achieved several this year, including seeing a Giant Panda. We saw train tickets to Edinburgh advertised really cheaply and I booked a hotel and the zoo tickets at the same time. I could have stopped and watched the panda all day- and we were lucky to see him. Just before he was lying under some leaves and you could only just about make out his head.

The book goes through some wonderful challenges and gives you some ideas how you might achieve some of them (including checking your credit card offers for things like a racing car experience).

Some of the ones that caught my eye were learning to sail and going on an archaelogical dig holiday. That one entailed getting up at 6 to take a boat to a remote island and look for artefacts, then back to a hotel to swim and lunch, then to a ‘wash’ station for the dig and back again for evening meal under the stars. It made it sound wonderful!

Others include circus skills and learning another language. Over christmas we discovered that one of our nieces is learning BSL and it brought back memories of learning Makaton and PECS when Emma was little. A clip over Christmas showed a Santa conversing with a little girl in Makaton- and I recognised the sign for Father Christmas- which was one of Emma’s favourites. She will still use the sign for biscuit occasionally!

Another one I’ve decided to try is to cook all the recipes from one cookbook- and I fancy trying one of the Hairy Dieters books for that. I still haven’t managed my personal cook 52 new recipes in a year- but it will be joining my list for 2016!

One of these was connected to the Olympics and that was also on my bucket list. I loved every minute of our trip to London in 2012 and watching the events on the telly. As a complete non sport loving person it really captured my interest. I love national events and I had always wanted to attend an Olympics- but never thought it would be something I’d do. We didn’t get tickets in the original request- but that gave you the option to apply for the next round of tickets. Guy really wanted to see the swimming- but we got tickets for water polo. It wouldn’t have been a first choice- but the Olympics was much more than just seeing that event. The whole park was a wonderful experience and was beautifully presented and the volunteers were amazing and we also got to see the boat used in the Golden Jubilee.

One I might try soon is a barge holiday!








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