Snowflakes on Silver Cove- Holly Martin


Libby and George are best friends who live in adjacent flats. They share everything and neither is willing to share that they think the other is their perfect partner. George wants to date again- but his ex wife has left him very insecure. Libby says that she can help him plan the perfect dates to lead to that once in a lifetime relationship. She will help him regain his confidence in the dating world and at the same time get him ready to ask their upstairs neighbour out on a date.

The dates are so lovely- wouldn’t we all love someone to spend time planning a romantic day for us! They have a christmassy feel to them and you look forward to experiencing the next date.

Seb and Amy’s relationship provided a great secondary story and introduction to other characters. Amy’s exploits in the name of charity had me chuckling away.

Grab yourself a hot chocolate with a candy cane stirrer and lose yourself in the yuletide atmosphere.

With many thanks to Bookoutre for the chance to read this gorgeous book.


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