Under a Cornish Sky- Liz Fenwick


It’s always wonderful picking up a book that you know you are going to love. I have collected Liz Fenwicks books- as I love Cornwall and this one picks you up and transports you there. You can then enjoy the Cornish atmosphere whilst losing yourself in the great story.

When Demi has bad news at work and comes home to discover worse news at home. She escapes to go and see her grandad in Cornwall. She hasn’t seen him since her mum’s funeral and his health has declined.

Victoria is living in her dream home and enjoying trying to restore the gardens to their former glory. Although 60 she still enjoys the chase of attracting younger men even though she’s married. When her husband dies she just imagines her life will carry on the same way.

I loved the way that the characters stories entwined and the way you get to know them better. The other characters were also really interesting and added to the main story whilst also embellishing the lovely setting.

The house sounded wonderful and as always the Cornish setting was fabulous. I now can’t wait to read the other books I’ve been saving!

A 5* read.

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