One Wish in Manhatten- Mandy Baggot.


I admit that I have a weakness for great Christmas stories with beautiful covers- and this book was a gorgeous festive read, set in my Number one wish list location.

Hayley is a single mum to Angel, who sounds like an adorable little girl. When she overhears her daughter wishing that she could meet her dad- she hopes that they might find out where he is when she visits her brother in New York.

The characters are so well drawn that you want to keep reading and hope for that happy ever after ending here. You can visualise the lovely scenes playing out on the big screen and feel the crystal clear air around you with sparkly snowflakes!

Oliver provides the great romance element. He’s strong and very charismatic and is the CEO of a family business.

This is one that is going to join my ‘favourites’ bookshelf- so I need to buy a paper copy later. I can imagine curling back up with this one when I want to immerse myself in the festive bubble.

With many thanks to Bookoutre and Net Galley for the chance to read this one.

A 5* read for me.


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