Christmas at Lilac Cottage- Holly Martin


Penny is looking forward to getting new lodgers- hoping that they will be great company. Henry is a brooding, tall man that she is instantly attracted to- but she initially thinks he is married and quite aloof! He’s not looking to spending time with his ‘landlady’- but he also feels the pull between them.

Penny is an ice sculptor- which is a fascinating part to the story. You can just imagine the events that her sculpture’s are delivered to- and the whole magic around it. There is an ‘ice sculptor’ world and we get to meet some interesting characters.

The local people are all described so well – you can imagine moving into the village and meeting them all.

Penny and Henry have both been ‘scalded’ in the past and are wary of letting those sexy sparks loose. But their relationship is really lovely to read about. I want to go to the outdoor restaurant!

You know that you are in for a fantastic treat when you pick up a Holly Martin book and this one is lovely and christmassy- full of magical sparkles. I read that there is another book due for release this winter and can’t wait to catch up with the characters again.

With many thanks to Net Galley for a copy of this book. 


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