The reindeer girl- Holly Webb


Holly Webb has been a real find through Net Galley, for me. The beautiful cover illustrations initially drew me to these books. They are definitely the sort of book I would look to buy for a young bookworm for Christmas. They are well illustrated throughout and the story carries a message and a lovely warm Christmas feeling.

Lotta visits her grandmother in Norway- an idyllic setting. The story is about helping to look for a missing reindeer to save it’s calf- and you can just picture the sled going through the crisp snow with their breath in the air whilst they search.

Holly has a lovely educational style to her writing- you learn about the setting and the animals through the wonderful storyline.

It also has a wonderful relationship between the grandmother and child- it would make such a perfect gift.

With many thanks to Net Galley for a copy of this wonderful book.

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