The Riviera- Karen Aldous


Lizzie and Cal are enjoying life together- then life throws a few bumps in the road. He has to fly to America to find out why his teenage son is so unhappy. They have some heart to hearts and he gets to the bottom of the matter.

Lizzie flies out and they all stay in his ex wife’s beach house- but she’s ever present and it makes life a little uncomfortable. Lizzie has to return home to her business in Cannes and starts to wonder if they will ever move into the new home Cal bought that has a Vineyard attached. Can their relationship survive these separations?

The settings are so beautiful in this book- I could settle myself quite happily at the beach house and the Villa sounds beautiful and Lizzie’s appartment sounds like the height of luxury. I love books that draw you into the atmosphere and leave you in a lovely bubble.

There are many other surprises revealed throughout the book and I just couldn’t wait to find time to sit down with the book.I enjoyed every page!

Many thanks to the Carina UK and NetGalley for a copy of this book.

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