First One Missing- Tammy Cohen


This was a fantastic page turner about a group of people who are connected for the worst reason possible. They have all lost children to a serial killer around their area. They meet up,  to offer each other support especially when a new little girl is found murdered.

As with any group of people – there are secrets and problems with relationships amongst them. They have all been assigned family liason officers who will let them know when a crime has been committed or if they find some evidence. But should they be looking closer to home. One of the step dad’s had an affair with the reporter, another one seems to be having an affair.

You can only imagine the torture that all of these parents are going through- and the anguish of the police team investigating- some of whom have been undercover for three years. I can’t wait to discover more from this author. Have enjoyed her books previously.

With many thanks to Net Galley for a copy of this book.


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