Summer flings and Dancing Dreams


This book really has everything- laughter, fulfilling dreams, sexy strangers in exotic gorgeous settings, friendships and pretty dresses!

Laura has been a single mum and after her daughter goes travelling she thinks it’s time to spread her own wings a bit. Her friend persuades her to go to a Zumba class and lends her the clothes- which split embarrassingly and produce such a funny scene.

One of the onlookers laughing is actually taking ballroom dancing lessons and they decide to give that a whirl aswell. She spent her youth travelling the ballroom scene with her parents and it’s sunk into her blood. Tony is a great character and they quickly become strong friends.

She goes to a flamenco school in Grenada and you can smell the flowers and imagine the dancing right in front of your eyes. I’d love to go! She meets Juan and he’s a sexy local who adds plenty of romance and the ‘summer fling’ to her time in Grenada.

The first book I’ve ever read that mentions the village I was born in (Wythall) and the one I went to school in- Hollywood.

I really didn’t want this one to end- I was totally immersed in it- travelling along to Blackpool with them. When is your next book due out, Sue?

With many thanks to Bookoutre and Net Galley for the chance to read this wonderful gem.

A total 5* read for me- and would love to read this sat round a pool or on a beach listening to the waves crashing on the shore!

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